About us

Our Story

Hi, my name is Tom, founder of Coco-Nat bowls. As a passionate businessman, I have always desired to build my own brand led by my values and inspiration.

Working in an environmental aspect since 1998, I was initially aware of pollution on the earth days by days. Air, soil and water have been contaminated seriously by a large amount of plastic that people discharge every day. There have been a number of environmental protection organizations all over the world founded to solve and improve this problem. It really made me happy and gave me a great motivation to take action, protect the environment and health! Integrating to the world, plus my wishes to replace plastic with a NATURAL sustainable material, our Coco-Nat was born to contribute to a good cause – making the world a better place.

Our mission

Coco-Nat is a delicate combination of Coconut and Nature. Our heading aim is bringing eco-friendly alternative products to everyone all over the world in order to reduce plastic discharged into our earth every day. We aim to inspire a healthy lifestyle by changing plastic using routine to all natural and sustainable products, which is Coconut.


With Coco-Nat, we create jobs for hundreds artisans, farmers and craftspeople in Vietnam so that they can have a better and happier life thanks to their own skillful hands. For now, we made our dream came true.

Our Values


We commit our products are handcrafted from natural material without chemical treatment in manufacturing process. A good bowl to serve healthy food, why don’t try?


Vietnam has a tropical climate with a vast central rainforest. Especially Ben Tre, a province is in the Mekong Delta area of southern Vietnam where coconut trees grow fast and strongly. It is such a great alternative that no material can be compared.


We run our business with our own principles: high quality products going to customers on time. We would like to deliver our Coco-Nat bowls with the soul of Mother Nature and skillful craftsmanship of our villagers to your daily meals.

As a business, we are aware of our social responsibility in our community. Since 2019, we’ve been donating 1% of our revenue to Orphanage and Nursing Homes. One in seven children does not have enough food to lead a healthy and active life. Accompany with Coco-Nat, you gave us one hand to make their future brighter. Let’s join with us!